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Oilfield Services and Refinery

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Oilfield Services and Refinery

Offering the most efficient and technologically advanced services in operation of petroleum projects, Legend Oilfield Services and Refinery specializes in upstream, midstream and downstream activities supporting transportations, equipment and instrumentation, onshore and offshore oil and gas field facilities services. We also undertake pipeline design, maintenance and testing.

We have been the undisputed provider of quality fluids used in the exploration process. Our close association with the fluid industry manufacturers has helped us to provide our clients the exact chemical specifications that match the design, construction and operation of vertical, horizontal, deep or deviated wells.

By reducing downtime, Legend Oilfield Services and Refinery is committed to deliver the greatest possible return on investment with the safest and cost-effective operating cost.

Sustainable Development

Our Companies have the highest level of Quality, Environmental & Safety Certifications and are committed to offering unprecedented levels of service. With State-of-the-Art Research & Development facilities, we are constantly optimizing our products to meet the rigorous demands of Oilfield Services & Refinery.

With UAE as the base, we have successful operations running in several countries.